Version 4. It’s finally here.

Hey guys,

After a ton of great work by the team during the past few months, we’re really excited to finally release version 4.0 of the WebApp. It’s got a ton of new features that we’re sure you’ll love, as well as some new things we’ve got underway. (more…)


Version 3.2 Released!

Version 3.2 Released!

Hello, Scouts.

It’s Marcus from the Troop718 App Development Team, and Version 3.2 is finally here!

It incorporates all-new features, including:

  • An updated Leaders Section
  • BRAND NEW: Social Media Section, containing access to FaceBook and Twitter
  • BRAND NEW: Video Section, with How-To videos, among potential others
  • The removal of the Web Site section, allowing a faster, easier, and better experience.

With all of these new features, the Troop718 App is to be better than ever before. Be on Standby for Version 3.3, or even Version 4!

Yours in Scouting,



Website Access via Mobile App

Hey, it’s Marcus.

After some consideration, we’ve found that it would be best to remove the access to the Troop site from the Troop App, as it has become an Inconvenience. It provides only a limited experience, that would be more efficient in the many browsers available for iOS and Android. We will still provide access, through a hyperlink, and continue to improve on the Leaders Section in version 3.2, coming out February 17.

Yours in Scouting,
Troop718 WebApp Team

Troop App Version 3.0

Hey, guys. Marcus here. Version 3.1 has just been released, and as an over-the-air update, is likely already on your phone.

Version 3.1 includes new SplashScreens, updated RSS Feed, and the main part, the new “Leaders” section. This allows any scout or parent to easily contact their Patrol or Troop leader, right from their smartphone.

You can easily access the app by going to
Troop 718

And following the instructions on the page.

In other news, a special Leaders App is currently under construction. Please contact me for the link.

See you guys next Tuesday!