Version 4. It’s finally here.

Hey guys,

After a ton of great work by the team during the past few months, we’re really excited to finally release version 4.0 of the WebApp. It’s got a ton of new features that we’re sure you’ll love, as well as some new things we’ve got underway.


  • New Icon and splash screen for all devices. We felt it was really important to drive home the changes in the new app, and redesigned the first thing you see to reflect just that.
  • Redesigned Events: After a long look at the current state of events, we realized one sad thing. We had created a mess. So we shut down everything and rebuilt it from the ground up with a modular design that’s easy to understand for both scouts and parents, as well as including the ability for consistency between events.
  • Leaders: Leaders has now left Beta, and also features Instructors, as well as a proper Leader organization, including information from Scoutmasters to Assistant Patrol Leaders.


  • Photo Gallery and Videos are shut down: While we’ve done a lot of work for 4.0, there’s still much to be done. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to upload even one photo to the servers, and with hundreds… well, you get the picture. Eventually we’ll get it updated, but we’ll need time. Meanwhile, we simply don’t have any videos to upload for the Video Gallery yet, so that’s down for now as well.
  • Social is set aside: While we were really excited to start including social connections to your favorite networks, we simply don’t have the infrastructure for them yet, and will need someone to spearhead Social Media before we can really work on it.
  • Refreshed Home and About Pages: We already felt that we did an amazing job on the original home page, so we decided to refresh the existing pages rather than completely redesigning them. However, a slight error on our part requires us to take a little extra time on that, but it’ll be out as soon as possible.

And that’s what we have for our latest update to the Troop 718 WebApp. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new experience.


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